The Artist Box (Season1 Ep1): Ca$hmir – Hakuna Matata

TAB Season 1 kicks off with a bang with Hakuna Matata by Ca$hmir.

The Artist Box (TAB) is a platform designed for all artists to perform and showcase their work. Artist Box is a place for spoken-word artists, rappers, Singers, acapella artists, and more. Each performance is followed by an interview that gives you a chance to tap into the mind of the performer and provide an interpersonal connection for fans and viewers at home. TAB is your chance to go inside of the mind of the artist and ride with them on their creative wave to inspire many other creators in the world.

More Than Productions is a platform that is more than the productions. More than is a platform that gives opportunities to those who aspire to rise in the field of media production and achieve all that they plan to in life. Our content strives through quality over quantity, peace over stress, and optimism over doubt. More than productions is your go to for originality and top-notch content that seeks to be different from those around.” ~GHII

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Last modified: January 29, 2020

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