S3E4: Manilafornia

Here is a place where guys with an elite mindset come and talk about building their brand.  And today on the show, my buddy, ZYME, is here to talk about his brand, ManilaFornia, and the journey he went through in building his brand, finding a culture and developing it.  Enjoy!


Lessons learned from ZYME:

  • Consistency is key.
  • Package your brand according to how you want to make people feel.
  • Evolve as you go.
  • Build a culture around your brand, have a name for your fanbase and turn people into generators.
  • It takes ingenuity and collaboration to make it.

Do all you can to see where it goes“I love when you create something and somebody reacts to it in a positive way and it really influences them.”  ZYME [13:43]

“Collaboration is a huge part of making it in anything.”  ZYME  [17:29]

More from ZYME

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ManilaFornia Facebook | Twitter


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Last modified: September 20, 2018

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