S3E3: 530 Delivery

The best enemies, the ones who follow the rules of war, can be the greatest allies. That’s kind of how my relationship has been with my guest on the show today, Brandon Contreras. Listen as he shares how he’s been working on his grind, trying to get a consistent hustle going and finding the balance between work and living. Enjoy!


Lessons learned from Brandon Contreras:

• Know what you’re doing. 

• Work with the right people and build a good team.

• Have your own space where you can be alone and free from distraction, and realize what’s important to you.

• Put in that work and people will see.

• Be passionate about what you’re doing.

“A year from now, I see myself scaling out a farm that is going to take known industry practices of growing weed and doing the right, good management practices.”  Brandon Contreras [02:58]

“I want to be that broker for the farmers on the hill that don’t really get to get off the hill much.”  Brandon Contreras [04:44]

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Last modified: March 15, 2018

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