SerialCEO S4E1: ELITEway

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The way that can be described is not the ELITE way.

The way that can be taught is not the ELITE way.

To Be ELITE, is to seek your way relentlessly in harmony with all.

To Be ELITE, is to be fully present in your own existence. We must live in Spirit and in Truth.

To Be ELITE, is to live your life by a sovereign set of rules based around who you are, why you do, and how you do.

The ELITE pursue progress, release the results, create everything, and withhold no thing.

Moore’s Law – Information doubles every 18 months

Holding on to the wrong things will make your way antiquated and thus not your ELITE way.

Only pursue progress to remain in the ELITE way.

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Last modified: October 13, 2021

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